28th October 2022

This is the best kind of music for me, beautifully written and wonderfully excecuted

Mark Chadwick - The Levellers

Acclaimed folk artist Alex Roberts breathes new life into his album Love & Supernatural with a remix and
remaster, along with all-new bonus tracks. The 17-track epic re-imagines the
timeless LP for a new decade complete with cutting edge production.

As its name reveals, Love & Supernatural explores the realms of romance and magic alike. Inspired by
Roberts’ own magical practices, Love & Supernatural twists and turns through stories grand and intimate,
with shades of something beyond our known world. These tales are weaved through the artist’s raspy,
emotive vocals, and intricate six-string arrangements.

These qualities are on full display on the album’s lead single and opening track ‘Wandering Aengus’. Based
on W. B. Yeats’ 1897 poem ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus’, the single opens the album as it means to go
on. Sonically playing with medieval themes, and mirroring bard’s tales with its construction, Roberts
recontextualises timeless tales for a modern setting.

Love & Supernatural carries on Alex’s songwriting philosophy ‘write your own gospel, love your own
myth…’, with a myriad of tales from a wide range of influences. From ‘To Abeona’ written for the goddess of
journeys and someone close to the artist who had gone missing, to ‘The Jolly Boat’ written in the throes of
a wild storm, and the ode to the artist’s old local Dorset pub ‘By The Stour’.

Alex’s fantastical life takes form beyond his music. A self-professed enthusiast of magic, synchronicity and
the ancient practices of pre-Christian Europe, Roberts enjoys life outside the confines of the modern rat
race. These troubadour influences are front and center across Love & Supernatural – an album less your
standard collection of songs and more an epic recounting adventures big and small.

The remastered album updates the original 2013’s tracks, and adds 5 new live bonus performances for
fans to enjoy.

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To say that Alex has many strings to his bow would be a metaphor forgiven for the fact that it helps to conjure his presence as a musical magician, in which any number of guitars seamlessly pop into set, beautifully played and adored. Almost totemic, each wood and strings take their part, whether it’s the finger-style acoustic guitar, lap-steel playing, or the Bouzouki, Alex plays with a sincerity borne of years of graft, craft, and a man who seems to straddle multiple time boundaries.

His lyrics offer a fusion of cultural and intercultural pertinence, generated by an acute appreciation for our earth and its ancestry, and a raw gift for storytelling. His musical oeuvre is enriched by his travels and immersive living experiences, the result is an oasis of mini ‘odysseys’ in which each song feels like it has been specially harvested for our appreciation. Through years of musical study together with an inimitable, intuitive flair for rhythm and the written word, Alex not only turns life into music, but enables us to see that music provides life with its heartbeat. He urges us to listen.

With titles bestowed upon him such as ‘the Bard of Dorset’ and ‘Hollowneck Troubadour’ (after his award winning use of the lap-steel guitar), nine studio albums released and clocking up to 150 shows a year, Alex continues to respond to his calling as a troubadour.



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